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Our Mission

Production and distribution of green, climate-friendly hydrogen. The hydrogen is produced exclusively from renewable energy and is CO2-free.


With green hydrogen, Hydrospider is promoting the decarbonization of heavy goods transport. Green hydrogen is the key to a meaningful and effective transformation from fossil fuels to emission-free fuel cell electromobility.


Hydrospider also supports producers of verifiably green hydrogen in marketing and sales.

«Power to Gas» process

“Power to Gas” describes the process of using electrical power to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. This hydrogen can be used either for direct consumption (driving an electric motor with a fuel cell) or for the production of synthetic fuels.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier and can be stored effectively. “Power to Gas” is thus a key technology for the integration of electricity from renewable sources such as hydropower, photovoltaics or wind into the energy system.



The company

Hydrospider AG emerged from a cooperation between Alpiq and H2 Energy, who hold an equal share in the company (45% of the shares each). The remaining 10% is held by the Linde GmbH from Germany.

Hydrospider ensures the procurement, production and logistics of green hydrogen from CO2-free production.

This green hydrogen is currently primarily used in the areas of mobility and logistics. Other applications and customers in the non-automotive sector are to follow.

Our news

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