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H2 Ecosystem

Hydrospider focuses on the production, distribution and trading of hydrogen produced entirely from renewable energy.

The climate-friendly hydrogen value chain:

  • Hydroelectric power plants, wind farms, PV and biomass systems supply electricity from renewable sources for electrolysis

  • In the electrolysis process, water is split into oxygen and hydrogen

  • The hydrogen produced is stored in containers specially developed for handling gases and delivered to filling stations. There it is offered for public sale via a gas pump

  • The gas is converted into electricity for propulsion on board the vehicle using a fuel cell.

  • The vehicle only emits water (steam). The cycle closes.

Virtual tour

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At these locations, Hydrospider produces green hydrogen using electricity from renewable energies.

The 2 MW electrolysis plant at the Alpiq Gösgen run-of-river power plant can produce up to 300 tons of hydrogen annually. This is enough for around 40-50 trucks or 1700 cars.

Renewable energy: the environmentally friendly resource for modern fuel


Filling stations

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