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Generational change at the H2 Mobility Switzerland support association

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Martin Osterwalder becomes the new president of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Association.

After 5 years of committed, intensive and convinced development work, Jörg Ackermann (65) hands over the presidency of the H2 Mobility Switzerland support association to Martin Osterwalder (37). Over the past 5 years, the association has done unique pioneering work worldwide in the preparation of the new mobility - above all with a real, functioning hydrogen ecosystem, with 48 real-driving hydrogen-electric commercial vehicles and what is now the densest hydrogen filling station network in the world: currently 14 filling stations on the Lake Constance – Lake Geneva and Basel – Lucerne axes. It was and is made possible by the 21 members of the support association and the partner companies who have set themselves the goal of decarbonizing road transport. With the positive balance after 5 years, the members set the first course for the next 5 years at the general meeting on May 16th in Lucerne, with the expansion of activities and the expansion of the membership base.

“It happens because we do it”: With these words, Jörg Ackermann handed over the symbolic hydrogen key to Martin Osterwalder five years after the club was founded. With the change in the executive board of the support association, a still young association is once again setting the course for the future.

Jörg Ackermann looks back briefly: “Around ten years ago, we sat down at a round table in a small team to discuss the big topic of decarbonization - without any preconceived opinions, with a blank sheet of paper in front of us. This led past the battery-electric hype that was emerging at the time and towards hydrogen electric mobility, with a focus on heavy traffic. Today it is clear more than ever that the energy transition cannot take place without green hydrogen.

The rest is history, and made history. On May 18, 2018, seven well-known Swiss companies founded the H2 Mobility Switzerland support association - with the aim of organizing the various actors in the green, ecological and economic hydrogen cycle in a globally unique and private-sector constellation. Today, the H2 Mobility Switzerland support association brings together 21 well-known Swiss companies from retail, transport and logistics, gas stations and car imports.

First goals achieved, next goals set

When it was founded, the support association set itself the goal of building a functioning, nationwide network of filling stations in Switzerland as part of a functioning hydrogen ecosystem.

Jörg Ackermann draws a positive conclusion: «We knew from the start that we had to solve the chicken-and-egg problem, that we had to build up both filling stations and customers in order to make the hydrogen ecosystem economically viable to realize cycle. That's what we did, with the members and with players like Hydrospider, H2 Energy and Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility. Today in Switzerland we can operate the world's densest filling station network for hydrogen commercial vehicles and passenger cars, we can obtain green hydrogen from two Swiss production sites and the heavy commercial vehicles have been on the road for almost three years. Of course, this is just a beginning. But it is a real, tangible and functioning basis that we could only create together. Although we can't save the world, we can set a good example and bring our solution to the world.»

With the handover of the presidency from Jörg Ackermann (65) to Martin Osterwalder (37), a generational change also takes place.

Martin Osterwalder, previously vice president and a founding member of the association with AVIA since the very beginning, finds emotional words: “In recent years, Jörg Ackermann has not simply led an association, but a start-up that he helped with With all his conviction, his passion and energy, he steered him into the future over all hurdles. It happens because we do it! I won't forget this sentence from Jörg. Never. He will accompany us into the future!»

At their fifth annual general meeting on May 16, 2023 in Lucerne, the members of the support association made the decision to expand the activities of the support association and open the association to a broader base of members.

Martin Osterwalder: “It is clear to us that green hydrogen and hydrogen mobility will play an important role in the restructuring of energy systems and mobility. But we also see that there is a lot of work ahead of us politically, economically and socially. We see this as a mission to pool the strengths and resources of our members for the environment and for shaping the future. On the road together: that will continue to apply to us in the future.»

The Swiss H2 electric mobility system at a glance

In Switzerland, various players are currently developing emission-free hydrogen electric mobility. The H2 Mobility support association and its partners rely on a private sector approach, with a focus on a hydrogen and business ecosystem. This covers the entire cycle, from production to transport and sales logistics (petrol stations) to the end consumer.

The partners of this cross-sector hydrogen ecosystem

H2 Energy Holding AG, is a business innovator for renewable energies.

H2 Energy consists of experienced entrepreneurs and proven technology experts. H2 Energy was founded in August 2014 with the aim of stopping climate change and making renewable hydrogen a cornerstone of the energy system. At the beginning of December 2020, Trafigura, a leading global commodity trader, acquired a stake in H2 Energy.

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG, a joint venture between Hyundai and H2 Energy.

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG is a partnership between Hyundai Motor Company, Korea, and the Swiss hydrogen pioneer H2 Energy and is based in Switzerland. Their goal is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. To this end, it offers emission-free commercial vehicles with fuel cell drives in a pay-per-use model.

Hydrospider AG, a joint venture between Alpiq, H2 Energy and Linde/PanGas.

Hydrospider ensures the production, procurement and logistics of green hydrogen from CO2-free production. Hydrospider was created at the beginning of 2019 from a cooperation between the Swiss hydrogen pioneer H2 Energy and Alpiq, a leading Swiss electricity producer and energy service provider. Both companies each hold 45% of the shares in Hydrospider AG. The remaining 10% is held by Linde Aktiengesellschaft from Germany.

Hydrogen production Ostschweiz AG

Hydrogen production Ostschweiz AG is a joint venture between SAK (St.Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG), the Osterwalder Group and the SN Erneuerbare Energie AG (SNEE). The partners invest together in the future of mobility. The hydrogen production company Ostschweiz AG produces the energy source hydrogen, which is then available at the AVIA hydrogen filling stations.

H2 Mobility Switzerland Support Association

One of the goals of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Support Association is to build a nationwide network of hydrogen filling stations in Switzerland. Agrola AG, AVIA Association, Coop, Coop Mineraloel AG, fenaco Genossenschaft, Migrol AG and the Migros Cooperative Association founded the association in May 2018 as a joint platform to specifically promote and accelerate the development of hydrogen mobility in Switzerland. Other members today include Camion Transport AG, Chr. Cavegn AG, Emil Frey Group, Emmi Schweiz AG, F. Murpf AG, Galliker AG, Gebrüder Weiss AG, G. Leclerc Transport AG, Schöni Transport AG, Shell New Fuels, Socar Energy Switzerland, Streck Transport AG, Tamoil SA and Von Bergen SA.

Information sources and contacts

H2 Mobility Switzerland Support Association

H2 Energy AG

Hydrospider AG

Hydrogen production Ostschweiz AG

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG< /p>

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