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Correction: Green H2 trucks continue

As incorrectly reported in some media, neither Hyundai nor the other partners in the hydrogen ecosystem in Switzerland intend to stop the existing initiative.

The private-sector, unsubsidized initiative has been in operation successfully for two years. The hydrogen trucks have now traveled over 5 million kilometers in customer use.

The unforeseeable disruptions in the energy market have an impact on the availability of electricity from sustainable energy sources in the short and medium term and thus also on the production costs of green hydrogen. All players in the Swiss hydrogen ecosystem are still sticking to the goals, pushing for further expansion and developing solutions to adapt the overall system to the new situation.

For the actors this specifically means:

  1. Hydrogen production capacities will be further expanded. A new production facility will begin operations in eastern Switzerland before the end of the year.

  2. In Switzerland, eleven publicly accessible filling stations currently offer hydrogen, and three further locations are about to go into operation.

  3. Hyundai is sticking to the rollout in Switzerland and continues to offer its customers hydrogen trucks. The expansion in other European countries is continuing as planned.

All partners and actors in this H2 ecosystem firmly believe that fuel cell technology and hydrogen mobility are part of the solution to stop climate change, enable the energy transition and achieve the goals of “net zero”. .

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