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Honor to Hydrospider

GS1 Switzerland has awarded Hydrospider's logistics concept for green hydrogen with the Swiss Logistics Award 2021.

In the coming years, the number of Hyundai hydrogen commercial vehicles will increase to around 1,600, thereby significantly driving forward the decarbonization of heavy transport. In order to cover the resulting increasing demand for hydrogen, the necessary value chain, infrastructure and logistics must be further expanded.

The emission-free fuel is currently being produced in the first Swiss green hydrogen production facility at Alpiq Wasserkraft in Niedergösgen. The hydrogen is produced by electrolysis using renewable electricity, compressed to 350 bar and then transported to the hydrogen filling stations as needed in nine pressure cylinders per 20-foot container. There the containers are connected to a docking station. This eliminates the need for additional storage at gas stations. For this efficient and cost-effective concept with the swap containers and docking stations specially developed by H2 Energy, Hydrospider received the Swiss Logistics Award 2021. GS1 Switzerland has been honoring new and future-oriented logistics services with this award since 1996.

The expected 1,600 hydrogen commercial vehicles will save up to 33,000 tons of diesel annually and reduce C02 emissions from road transport by around 120,000 tons.

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